Holiday Care

Carefree and relaxed holidays for parents with heaps of fun and unforgettable activities for the kids are now possible! While parents take time to rejuvenate, their kids will be completely engaged in the most unique, adventurous and magic activities possible. With my magic wand and more than 10 years of experience with kids, animation and holiday camps, I feel comfortable to transform even the most challenging situation into a smooth and fun ride.

Contact me and tell me about your preferences today: choose from current offer below or inspire completely new activities according to your wishes and dreams!

adventure huntADVENTURE HUNT
Long days, spent trying to accomplish difficult tasks and searching for lost treasure. Maybe by the end of your holiday we will find it or it will remain a hidden secret forever. Do you dare?

discover natureDISCOVER NATURE
Playing, climbing, hiking, swimming, collecting healing herbs, preparing potions and lotions for domestic use, learning how to survive in nature and discovering incredible facts about ourselves and the natural environment surrounding us.

wondrous journeys

Fairy-tales and magic journeys filled with lots of action, games, music, circus activities, costumes, colours, masks and sparkling handicrafts.

Bee keeping, bread baking, wood chopping and making traditional handicrafts are just a few of the activities we might engage in. We will take ourselves on a journey to find the almost extinct traditions and handicrafts of your holiday destination.

Learn different languages while playing and having fun. You can choose between: English, German, Spanish, French, Slovenian and a Fairy/Dragon language. 🙂

There are many snow lovers out there, so I have prepared a special programme just for you – we will build snow-castles, snowmen, learn to ski in a playful and fun way and much, much more. While having fun we learn so much more than we would in a serious and tense learning environment.

babay careBABY CARE
Safe and confident care for your youngest, starting from 7 weeks and up. Holding a yoga degree for pregnancy and nursery, you will be able to relax and rejuvenate, while I will take care of the well-being of your precious little treasure.

Together, we will build magic castles, transform ourselves into Indians, magic animals and any other characters they have been dreaming to meet for a long time. daj nekamWe will travel the largest tunnel in order to reach the promised land of magic, where everything is possible – even flying! When the day moves closer to night, we will play inside, dance, sing and use our creativity to make beautiful gifts for those we love.

15. October 2017 – 1. February 2018

Prices are dependent on your wishes/demands as well as the duration of your event/holiday and include: holiday care, animation, materials and a self-tailored programme (if required). The happiness of our youngest clients means a lot to us so we do our best to create the most unforgettable experience for every budget. Click here for a more informative pricing table.

For a relaxed and joyful holiday – contact me today to guarantee your children a spot on the most unforgettable experience ever. Due to a high volume of requests, I kindly ask you to book as soon as possible so I can be available for you and your family when you need me most.


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