Animation for Families

Below are some examples of our past events. We will do our best to tailor each event specifically to your needs and wishes. If your event already has a topic or theme, then please let us know and we will do our best to make it a reality.

1 ropical forestVisit to the Tropical Forest
With the help of lively music, costumes, and colours, we will connect and prepare to visit an old Indian tribe, who live deep in the tropical forest. However, before they can fully trust us, we will need to prove our trustworthiness by crossing a deadly river and forest full of dangerous animals. The visit to the tropical forest is an eventful day, full of laughter, colour, joy, dancing, and a great Indian surprise!

2 saving golden hornSaving the last Golden Horn
An evil thief has managed to damage the last Golden Horn that protects our earth from disaster. Together, we will connect and join forces, so that nothing can separate us. We will disguise ourselves as true heroes of justice and go on a hunt for the bandit! Short messages and entertaining games will lead the way to the cave, where the damaged Golden Horn rests. Did we manage to prepare enough magical elixir to cure him?

3 tracking aliens Tracking Aliens
On the lawn in front of the house aliens left a marking. Where does it lead? We will turn into detectives and board our flying vessel. This is the time of truth – are we ready? Finally, we will find out where the aliens live, how they play, socialise, and what makes them laugh. Maybe they will entrust us with their secret and tell us how to fly with the speed of light!