Animation in Snow

Below are some examples of our past events. We will do our best to tailor each event specifically to your needs and wishes. If your event already has a topic or theme, then please let us know and we will do our best to make it a reality.

1 hocus pocus skiHocus Pocus – I can ski!
Magician Klikli is from a magical kingdom, where everyone is born with skis for feet. He will teach us with little effort and lots of fun, how to confidently stand on skis, as well as inspire us with magic words like pizza and chips. With one swish of his magic wand, he will turn us into a slice of pizza on skis! This however, is only the beginning – magician Klikli has been living in the snow since early childhood, so he has lots of tricks and games up his sleeves for you!

2 fairy landSnow Bunny in a Land of Fairies
The fairy-tale heroes have decided to withdraw themselves but might just surprise us when we are busy skiing! If we focus enough, whilst skiing, we will be able to trace the snow bunny, who has been leaving behind secret messages for us to help guide us to the enchanted forest. Once we reach this forest we will see that it has unforgettable treasure and much, much more.

3 snow man dayA Day with a Snowman
Snowmen come to life, and one day without even realising it you may have a ball of snow, or what looks like a ball of snow, coming down the hill behind you! Snowmen get tired, bored, and lonely standing by themselves on the edge of ski slopes, observing all the cheerful children skiing. Thus, they now tear up, down and across the snowy slopes. If we are skillful enough, maybe one of them will show us some of the ski tricks they have learnt from observing skiers over the years.