Birthday Celebrations

Below are some examples of our past events. We will do our best to tailor each event specifically to your needs and wishes. If your event already has a topic or theme, then please let us know and we will do our best to make it a reality.

1 fairis sparkling wing Fairies and the Sparkling Wing
Caroline, the ‘tricky fairy’, reveals one of the most hidden secrets of Elf life to us. She will teach us how to magic each other into a bow, a butterfly, or a floating plate. Together we will create the most unusual fairy items that the world has ever seen! The event is full of colours, glitter, face painting, and magic elf dust. At the end, there will be an Elf called Sparkling Wing awaiting us in the wondrous Fountain, who just might be able to help us fulfill one of our most hidden wishes..

2 little green dragonIn the Kingdom of the Little Green Dragon
Did you know that there is a place, where Little Green Dragon still sits and guards the banks of the river from the baddies? Together with the Little Green Dragon we will set off on new adventures. Chasing robbers, learning to fly, and learning how to blow fire are just a few skills that we will learn during our trip!

3 magic drinks Magical Day and Magical Drinks
Milly, the charming and friendly sorcerer, will take us to the land of magical spells and creatures. Together we will make magic and create the most amazing creatures and objects. Before departing on a magical broom, we will learn how to prepare a magical potion, which will bring the entire family together and make them laugh. However, beware – a little too much of the potion and continuous sneezing will ensue instead of laughing!

4 trail matjaz On the Trail of King Matjaž
Using our detective skills, we will follow in the footsteps of the ancient hero ‘King Matjaž’, who, according to legend, should still be sleeping under a large stone somewhere. Together we will discover unusual objects, interesting tricks, puzzles and maybe find the answer to why and where this almighty King fell asleep.

5 life in a swampStone Age and a Life in a Swamp
Did you know that in the Stone Age there were people who slept on water? Today they are known as the pile dwellers. Some of them still live hidden, deep in the forests, close to wetlands and they have prepared a memorable party for your special day! They are excited to show you how to set up a home on water, how to cook without a cooker and how to survive during a cold winter. More importantly, they have prepared numerous fun tricks to show you from the Stone Age!