International English Camp

2 international campDates 2017: TBC
Location: WE ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW LOCATION! Please contact us with suggestions.
Suitable for: max. 20 Children, between 9-14 years old
Price: TBC

Fun and games from around the World
We will come together from all corners of the World to share, socialise, learn about the customs and traditions of other cultures, and to practice and improve our English.

Every day there will be a new surprise awaiting us, we will travel to the most desolated places, play hide and seek, meet traditional heroes of ancient times and distant lands, play with masks, costumes, colours and the most unusual musical instruments you have ever seen.

When we work together as a team our English will improve in leaps and bounds, and we will have a better connection and deeper understanding of foreign cultures, as well as a tiny sweet surprise!

Learning through differences
With active participation, we will notice that despite our apparent differences, we all share lots in common. This strengthens our confidence and connects us forever. Through the differences we learn to adapt, co-design and ultimately create with a mutual understanding and common interests.

Children will be taken care of by trained entertainers and mentors under guidance of Michelle Ternovšek.  Before starting her own summer camps, Michelle has worked in elite resorts and camps around the world, designing and executing programs for children.