“Here we are allowed to “jump” into a surprise. Moreover, our tutors are very friendly. I truly enjoyed the visits of colourful fairy-tale heroes especially, because we learned a lot from them . The most I loved dwarf Barberry and sweet cookies we baked with his friend thumbelina Blackberry.”


max 1

“I really liked this summer camp. I am especially excited because I learnt so many new and very interesting things.”


11 hana

“For me this camp deserves the medal of super cool“. The events and programs were interesting, the games very entertaining and I was super happy to be able to be surrounded by animals.”



“This was the best week of my life, unfortunately too short. We had loads of fun in everything we did.  Moreover, all the activities we did were always full of laughter and joy.”



“The whole week we played and had a very good time . The best was to wake up with wondrous fairy-tale creatures . Our best friend became a Giant, whom we helped to find lost ingredients to build a dam in order to protect our mountain village . Very special was also the Lady from the salt, who told us a story about the origins of salt.”

Špela & Kristina