Themed Events

Below are some examples of our past events. We will do our best to tailor each event specifically to your needs and wishes. If your event already has a topic or theme, then please let us know and we will do our best to make it a reality.

1 journey around the world A Journey around the World
Together, we will connect and create a magic mode of transport so we can go for a trip around the world. Through games, movement, and dance, we will explore the most hidden corners of the world. We will learn how to create rain with Indians, ride elephants and roar like tigers, dance a traditional African dance, join pirates on their search for treasure and dive deep to swim with dolphins and other marine animals.

3 škrat obiskA Visit from a Water Dwarf
A water dwarf is a dwarf who takes care of the water in nature, keeping it clean, fresh and healthy. This time we have invited him to join us and share his new findings about water and its impact on our well-being with us. He will tell us a story about how he once fell into an underground chamber and how he was lucky enough to be saved by his dear friend, ‘fairy’! Of course, there is always a special surprise, so the water dwarf will bring us a special gift. This gift will make it possible for us to turn our drinking water into living water, which will keep us healthy and makes all our wishes come true!

2 karnevalTraditional Carnival
We will help each other to successfully transform ourselves into our favourite carnival character. Then we will build our strength by eating sweet doughnuts, dancing to carnival music and playing carnival games.